Hitting My Stride

When I run it takes me about ten minutes to get into a good rhythm for my run.

I knew when we started our school year those first few weeks would be like the first ten minutes of my run - there would be no real rhythm. The kids were finishing up swimming lessons and Morgan still had morning practice for gymnastics so we were fitting in school at odd times.

Up until a few weeks ago, I thought we were getting into a good routine and then Morgan's gymnastics practice schedule changed for Mondays, we left to go out of town, and we had our fall break.

I had great intentions for fall break to get caught up on so many projects but not many of those items were marked off the list. I am thankful we had the week off to deal with the little things that came up without interrupting school but it is also a little disappointing to not get everything accomplished I had hoped to over break.

My goal is to get us back into our routine. I need to find a balance between school, errands, chores, blogging (this poor blog has been neglected for two weeks and i have a list of posts -one of these days i will get caught up), exercise, quiet time, time to read, time to sew, and the list goes on.... I have been focused on protecting our school time: no phone calls, no errands, no trips to the gym, and no appointments unless absolutely necessary. I know the kids needs to see that our school time is important and therefore protected from distractions/disruptions.

So to my dear faithful (few) readers, I am here, alive, well and trying to hit my stride and balance life. I hope to carve out some time each day to get caught up on reading and posting. I am open to any tips on balancing it all!


Susan said...

I can SO relate...now I don't try to do the homeschool thing on top of my life, wouldn't be healthy for me or our boys. :) But I love how you wrote about finding your stride.

I feel like it has taken the entire first quarter of school for us to find ours. And I too am trying to find a healthy balance with all of the other things on my to do list.

It's good to see I am not alone. :)

Todd & Jackie Echeverria said...

Oh Boy Sister, I am right there with you! The past six months have been a screaming blur. We too have so much going on in every area of our lives.
I would like to encourage you to start each day in the word feeding you soul, putting on your armor to go into battle each day and that will make the difference. I can’t tell you how much Satan loves to stir us up to the point of we only see what he wants us to see and not focus on Christ.
Just had to share.
Because He is.

Lynn said...

That balance in life is sure hard to find sometimes.

Stacey said...

Oh Kristen I don't know how you do all that you do the way it is so don't feel like you need to "apologize" by any means! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE to check out your blog, but that is your last priority I'm sure and doing your kids schooling is #1 (which I don't know how you do all that)so just keep up what you are doing. I must say, for the 6 months or so that we've "known" you & your family I know that you are one heck of a mom & wife and a very talented baker, sewer, crafty person....so pat yourself on the back!

Take care - Stacey

Alana said...

Boy do I understand! If you figure out that whole balance thing...please TEACH ME! ;-)

Janelle said...

Yours is the second post I have read about balance. God is speaking to my heart through my blog friends. Thank you, sweet sister!

Jenni S. said...

We have finally just started getting into some kind of balanced life, BUT I use that term balanced loosely. My version of balanced is that I prioritize the needs for that day, get it done and start all over again the next morning. Some things never get done, some take weeks for me to do, and the most important needs are met as quickly as I can. So I guess, the only advice I can offer, is offer yourself a whole lot of grace. Those who love you will certainly do the same. :)