Seattle Part II

We couldn't be in the Seattle area without spending time around the water.

We started the day at the Seattle Aquarium. It was incredible. The aquarium was hands on and very kid friendly. I was impressed with all the volunteers who were extremely knowledgeable, answered our questions, and encouraged the kids to interact with the animals in the pools.

The highlights at the aquarium were touching the sea stars and the sea anemones, seeing the octopus, sea horses, and jelly fish, and watching the feeding of the sharks and fish.

After a full morning at the aquarium we had a picnic lunch in an open area next to the aquarium on the water.
Once we finished lunch we ventured to the World Famous Pikes Place Market. The market was amazing but it was definitely a bit overwhelming. The flower and produce stands were incredible.
As part of our tour of the market we had to go to the fish stand to watch the fish flying through the air. The kids loved it! One of the workers pulled the kids out of the crowd and let them touch a fish and then gave them a squid. Lovely! The squid was promptly returned to the fish bin. Of course we had to see the original Starbucks in honor of my brother-in-law who works for Starbucks.
Once we finished at the market, we did a drive by of the Space Needle on our way to
Fisherman's Terminal where we went to an outdoor festival. There were booths that contained craft projects, games, and activities for the kids... all for FREE! The kids had a great time and it might have been one of their favorite parts of the entire day.

These pictures are for you Denise. She told me before I went to Seattle I needed to hug something in Seattle... maybe a fish. I am not a fan of fish but I found one to hug just not a real one.


Kara Franklin said...

Love the pics of Seattle!! I love visiting there. I'm glad you guys had a good time!

Stacey said...

Great pics! Looks like you all had a great time.....makes me want to go!

Take care - Stacey

Denise said...

great pix you fish and pig hugger you!

now i'm going to go learn how to play the guitar while hula hooping!


denise said...

I love the last picture (and in your header). What a beautiful family!

Susan said...

LOVE the pics, you couldn't look any more fit my friend. you look awesome! Once this baby comes out and we get through all of that, you are going to give me motivation and suggestions to whip myself back into shape.

Alana said...

Wow, those pics are so amazing! It looks like you guys have had a WONDERFUL time! Would love to visit Seattle some day!

nicole said...

love the photos...looks like you guys had a blast. nick and i took a picture in front of the pig at pike's place. gotta love the pig.

Jenni S. said...

You and Jessica (Brown) are totally making me want to go to Seattle now with all of your pictures and stories! I'm glad you had such a good family vacation.

Lynn said...

You and Jess did get a lot of similar pictures. Really amazing!

Love the family shot...and you are looking quite trendy in the "hugging" pictures. Fun stuff!

Short Stop said...

You are SO cute. I love your outfits in these pictures!

Jason goes to Seattle all the time, and every time he goes he tells me, "I HAVE to bring you here. You would LOVE it."

These are awesome, awesome pictures. And, I LOVE how you displayed them.