Pumpkin Patch

Fall would not be complete without a trip to the pumpkin patch.

The last two years our trips to the pumpkin patch have been on days that were cold and windy. Even though we picked out pumpkins, we really did not enjoy our time at the pumpkin patch. It was a hurry up, pick out your pumpkin, and get in the car so we can warm up type of trip.

This year we ended up with a perfectly beautiful fall day. The sun was shining and there was just enough chill in the air to feel like fall.

On the suggestion of a neighbor, we tried a new pumpkin patch this year. We were not disappointed. They were very accommodating to our small homeschool group and had the trip tailored to older kids and younger kids.

For the older kids (grades 4 and up), we went through a corn maze that was in the shape of the state of Idaho. Along corn maze were facts about the lakes, rivers, and reservoirs in Idaho and each fact contained a clue needed to solve a word puzzle. This was great way to keep the kids engaged while going through the maze. They loved it!

For the younger kids they toured a smaller corn maze that was based on nursery rhymes and then were taken on a long hayride. Since I was weaving my way through a corn maze with the older kids, my sweet friend Barbie kept an eye on my two little ones and took pictures for me. Thanks Barbie!
While we waited for our turn to pick the pumpkins, the kids enjoyed petting the animals and running through the straw maze.
The part of the field trip the kids had been waiting for: picking out the perfect pumpkin!


Pat & Valerie Berg said...

I think this is the same place we went! How strange as I had heard NOTHING about it - but it was the only one in the area open on a Sunday so we didn't have much choice. It was good. And I didn't take nearly as many cool pictures as you either!

deyoder said...

Wow! You have such a beautiful family! I love all the pumpkin patch pictures and all the halloween costumes! Fall's the best for making memories...(and maybe Christmas too!)

Jenni S. said...

Love your pictures! This is hands-down my favorite time of year and your post does it justice! Looks like the pumpkin patch was a huge success and I'm thankful you got a good day to do it this year.

Lynn said...

I love all things fall. You got some great pictures. I keep seeing the collage style on blogs recently. How do you do that?