Pumpkin Patch

Today we had our homeschool group (from church) field trip to the pumpkin patch. We have had beautiful weather all week - low to mid 70's and then today it was soo cold. It was maybe 45 or 50 when we started out - BRRR! The great thing about kids is they don't care if they are cold when they are having that much fun. Lance's appointment this morning was cancelled so he was able to come for part of the field trip. The kids were so thrilled with this surprise! We took a hayride, the kids ran through a kid friendly straw maze, picked their pumpkins, and did a craft. The kids all had a great time and were tired out from the cool air and all the activity.

The straw maze was a hit. Morgan helped Landon through it the first time. After that he ran through it three or four times on his own. He loved it. This afternoon he kept asking when we could go back so he could run through the maze again!

The search for the perfect pumpkin was quite an adventure. The kids lifted, turned over, and looked at many pumpkins before they found the pumpkin that was just right. They had to be able to carry the pumpkin on their own back to our meeting place. I was a little worried about Landon because he thinks he is SO BIG and STRONG. He did find his "pumkim" after looking and testing lots of pumpkins.

My Three Little Pumpkins!

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