A Weekend Filled With "P"'s

PUMPKINS: The kids have been so anxious to get pumpkins, so on Saturday I took them to get their pumpkins. We didn't go to a pumpkin patch (bad mommy!) because we are going to one in a few weeks for a field trip - not that we can't go more than once but it was a bit chilly on Saturday and I really wanted to get some things done around the house (excuses, excuses). There is a great little farm stand about 2 minutes from our house. We loaded up and went there to pick out our pumpkins. The kids had fun just playing on their pumpkin pile and choosing their very favorite pumpkins. Mauryn loved climbing on the pumpkins and standing on them. She was so sad/mad when it was time to go and I had to pry her off of them. We also picked up some hay bales and corn stalks to put in front of the house. Landon loved "organizing" all the pumpkins.PEE: On Friday evening, I had just taken Mauryn out of the tub and I hear giggling and squealing from the bathroom. When I come in Landon is holding a bottle in the tub and there is something yellow in it. Yep, it was his pee! Instead of climbing out of the tub to use the toilet (right next to the tub) he found a bottle in the tub and just peed in the bottle. I guess it is a good thing he didn't pee in the tub. As I am laughing inside, we had a little talk about using the toilet instead of a bottle. Where he comes up with these ideas I will never know??

Landon displaying his pee bottle!

PRACTICE: Landon LOVES to use markers. He has been very good with them in the last few months -coloring only on his paper, remembering to put the tops back on the markers, etc.. On Saturday he wanted to use markers to color and make a picture while I was cleaning the house. He was busy working on some pictures and being very quiet - that should have been my first clue that something was wrong. He cleaned up his papers and markers and we were having lunch. While we were eating lunch he pulls his shirt up and there on his belly were an orange letter L (backwards) and a blue letter L. I said, " Landon what is on your stomach" He said "Oh mom, I was just practicing my letter L's for you in the Broncos colors." Well of course we had a discussion of where it is appropriate to use markers and on our stomach is not an appropriate place. He definitely will not be using markers unsupervised again for a while (thankfully the marker washed right off!).

Landon's Bronco L's!
What was your weekend filled with?

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