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PHEW! We are done learning about the explorers. It was so interesting but the unit was fast paced and pretty intense. There were days when my head hurt with all the information, I can only imagine Morgan's 7 year old brain! We started to do a lap book to put all the information she learned but it was becoming quite the project. I talked to another homeschool mom who does notebooking instead and this seemed like a more realistic option at this time. Once we have all the information organized I will post photos.

Our new unit is weather. We are LOVING it! There have been so many hands on experiments and fun activities. Landon is really enjoying being able to do school with us. The pace of this unit is definitely more relaxed and we needed it! We have learned about air pressure, wind, rain, rainbows, fog, clouds, thunder/lightning, snow, hail, sleet, humidity, the parts of the atmopshere, as well as the difference between climate and weather. Morgan has been tracking our temperature, mositure (which this fall we have had quite a bit), and air pressure. We are learning so much!

Morgan wrote her first poem. Writing is an area where Morgan can struggle. If she is asked to write a report, she does an amazing job. If she is asked to do something creative, it tends to cause her frustration because she doesn't want to make any mistakes. When I gave her the choice of just writing sentences about the wind or doing a poem, I thought she would choose the sentences hands down. I was very surprised when she picked the poem.
Here is her poem:

Wind O Wind by Morgan Cheney
Wind I can't see you
I can't hear you
Wind O Wind Where are you?
I can see the leaves moving
O Wind O Wind
You toss the kites in the sky
I feel your breeze on windy days
Wind O Wind
Blowing the leaves around and around
Wind your chilly
You make me shiver
Wind O Wind
I can hear you singing
Wind a blowing all day long
Wind O Wind
I am cool
Wind oh blowing along the ground

An experiment with air pressure

Morgan and Landon making a cloud in a jar

Morgan making her atmosphere chart with the four main types of clouds we studied: cirrus, stratus, cumulus, and cumulonimbus.

We made rainbow cookies, the kids painted rainbows with watercolors, and we made rainbows with a glass of water and the sun shining in the window.

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Denise said...

GREAT POEM! That is talent! You have the next Robert Frost in your home.