No cavity creeps

We started our morning by a trip to the dentist. Morgan and Landon both had xrays, cleanings, and check ups. Good news, no cavities for either one - YEAH!! This was Landon's second visit but his first time getting xrays. I was a bit anxious about how it would go, but he sat completely still. He was very good for his cleaning and check up as well. The best news is that being a thumb sucker actually has helped Landon's jaw alignment. Who would have thought?? If he wasn't a thumb sucker he probably would have had a cross bite. Anyway, we will see what happens as he gets older, stops sucking his thumb, and the permanent teeth come in. Morgan received a referral today for an orthodontist. We do not know if they will actually start work on her teeth now or see her on a yearly basis to monitor progress. Morgan has what they call a "deep overbite" and some overcrowding on her top and bottom teeth. Morgan is very excited about the prospect of seeing an orthodontist. I am not sure I would be excited but I remember being young and wishing I had braces (at the time I thought braces were cool).

Sorry no pictures - I had put new batteries in my camera and they didn't work - UGH!

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