I live with a pack rat

I live with a pack rat! The pack rat is my daughter Morgan, who is almost 8 years old. This is what Morgan's bed looks like most of the time. I am not sure how she finds a place to sleep without laying on something or rolling over onto something. Her bed is FULL of her "treasures" . There are books, magazines, pillows, misc blankets, pencils, pens, markers, notebooks, stuffed animals, American Girl dolls, sometimes clothes, multiple pillows, Leapster, CD's, portable CD player, and whatever else she takes to bed with her. This collection of stuff drives me crazy! I think she feels the bed is her safe zone since she is currently sharing a bedroom with her 3 year old brother. I am torn between letting it go because it is her space and having her keep all her stuff neat and organized (so we can find something quickly when we need it). Does anyone else have a pack rat? How do you deal with it?


lindsey cheney said...

what do you think about putting shelves above her bed, or medicine cabinet-type storage, so she can still have all her things right next to her, but it all has a place to go?

Kristen said...

The shelves are a great idea - probably something she can shut like the cabinet type storage. Her two dolls have stands and she is better about putting them away since sleeping with them tends to make their hair a disaster to get through. I like that idea- thanks Lindsey!