Polka Dots and Bowling Balls

FINALLY I figured out a theme for Mauryn's birthday party - Polka Dots! I was really struggling with when/how to do her party. It is a little sad that this is our first baby to celebrate their first birthday without any family close by. I still wanted to do something but our November is crazy. Lance is gone or on call for the first three weekends. I wasn't finding a time to plan a bigger get together with friends and kiddos. So, I decided to just do a lunch party on her actual birthday. It is going to be a small get together but I think it will be perfect for Mauryn without being too overwhelming for her.

Her polka dot invitations!

Morgan's birthday is also in November (3 days after Mauryn's). Morgan is definitely at the age where she wants a friend party. Morgan decided to do a bowling party this year. She is super excited about it. She has only been bowling one time but there is something about bowling that gets kids excited. We found some cute ideas in family fun (like the invite below) for a cake and a tshirt to give away as their "goodie bag". I will post more as we start working on those projects.

Morgan's bowling party invitations!
The invitations are done but will not go in the mail for a while - it is nice to have that off my to do list. Morgan had a friend over yesterday afternoon and the two little ones were napping so I took advantage of the time and got the invites done. It made me realize how much I miss doing scrapbooking and card making. I need to find a little desk or something to be a workspace so I can set my stuff up in the house and work on it when there is free time. One of these days.....

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Sarah Markley said...

These are so cute! I am sure the birthdays will be beautiful and a lot of fun. Its fun being creative!