The Gift

Last night, Morgan presented me with a package - a little gift bag with a homemade card, tissue paper, and a surprise project.

In the bag was this little flower she had made with the beads you have to iron. When Lance came home they quietly went into the laundry room so he could help Morgan get the beads set.

Then she made this sweet card.

This gift has special meaning because Morgan gave this to me as her teacher, not her mom. As I was posting these pictures, Morgan said I should write that the card and flower came from my student. :o) Our homeschool journey has not been without bumps - finding the balance between teaching school and being a mom (grocery shopping, paying bills, cleaning house, cooking, etc..), constently explaining and defending our choice to home school, feeling like people are watching to see if we will fail or succeed - but all those bumps are worth it when my student thinks I am a great teacher.


lindsey cheney said...

that is so encouraging to hear! we plan on doing a part-time homeschooling option next year for gracie. its so good to see success!

Denise said...

So sweet! It is especially sweet that your hubby got in it.
I have felt some of the same pressure in homeschooling. Slowly others who asked the questions are seeing the fruit of what we do, that helps. Most important is that I see the fruit of what we do. I get to be a part of all these "sacred" moments that will shape their lives for Gods glory. That's an honor.
Although sometimes I do want to pull all my hair out :-)

Kristen said...

Lindsey - yeah! i will be here cheering for you and supporting you. it is so worth it!

Denise - you made me cry! it can be a tough road, and there are days i feel like pulling my hair out- but the fruit of our labor its so worth it.