I am a list maker! I make lists for everything. I LOVE having lists. It keeps me focused on what I need to get accomplished. lthough, the most important things I do each day are not even on my to do list. I started making lists when I became a stay at home mom. I needed something tangible to show what I had completed during the course of the day (which some days wasn't much). Now my lists are so I can remember even little things, like returning phone calls. How easily those things can slip my mind - so I put them on my to do list to remind myself. I like to think my lists help to keep me more organized now that I am balancing 3 kids and homeschooling.
Here is my to do list for the fall(of course I still have a daily to list and a general to do list) :
1. Put new recipes on notecards and file in recipe box
2. Organize stamping and scrapbooking stuff
3. Rearrange bonus room and make an area for doing crafts
4. Find a scrapbooking desk
5. Clean oven
6. Clean windowsills, baseboards, blinds
7. Find new bedding for my bedroom
What is on your list for fall projects?

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Denise said...

i'm a list maker, and a list loser, yikes!

on my list-
clean girl's closet
get a clown for harvest celebration
pay bills
haircut and color
oh! josie needs a hair cut too
nails need filing

maybe there is a reason i lose the list??

look forward to hearing about your weekend away.