Help! I have a climber!

Mauryn has officially become " a climber"! She climbs on everything!!! On Sunday in the nursery she pulled the toys off the shelf and started climbing up the cabinet. She can efficiently maneuver the stairs and about any other object in her way. Today she was playing in the bonus room with Landon and their is a stool up there. She climbed the stool so she could stand and see out the window. Last night I was reading to Morgan and all of a sudden I see Mauryn, who had been playing with her toys, climbing on a box and standing on the clothes basket.

Here she is on top of the box, getting into the clothes basket!
There is something very interesting in there!

Her favorite place to climb is the dishwasher. If she sees that the door is open, she makes a beeline for the dishwasher and starts to climb into it.
Getting ready to climb in!

Here I am!
I am so proud of myself!
I haven't had a baby who was a climber. Landon didn't start climbing until he was closer to 2, mainly so he could get what he wanted and not wait for someone to help him. The boy can scale just about anything. Up until this week, she has pretty much ignored the stairs but now that she has figured out the climbing thing she is definitely determined to climb on anything she can find.
Any tips for having a climber???

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Sarah Markley said...

No tips, but both mine were climbers. Hope (5) began climbing as soon as she could crawl (I found her on top of the dining room table often and once up on her way to the top of our UPRIGHT piano!). Naomi has been a climber too, but she is more agile and doesn't fall often. I don't know...maybe Mauryn will do Everest someday!