Happy Birthday Lance!

You are 36 today, another year closer to 40 - can you believe it? It just doesn't seem possible that you are THAT OLD!!! :o) Happy Birthday to a daddy who is so in love with his kiddos. You encourage them to take risks, you are silly and wild with them, you let them eat ice cream far too often, you tell them silly bedtime stories, you take them to work sometimes even when it might make things harder for you, and you give them so much love.
Enjoying the waterpark!
Teaching the kids how to ski

A little hiking and climbing
Thank you for being a great daddy to our kids. Thank you for working so hard for our family so that I can stay home. Thank you for starting your day so early every morning. Thank you for being spontaneous. Thank you for being a risk taker. Thank you for thinking and caring about our families future, even if it meant we had to move 1500 miles from friends and family, selling your two practices and essentially starting over. Thank you for being able to forgive and move on. Thank you for being the leader of our family. Thank you for supporting the decision to home school even when you were a bit unsure about it.
Happy Birthday Lance! I love you!

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Leah in Iowa said...

What a sweet tribute to your husband! Sounds like you are one blessed woman! =)