It's Official

Morgan received her USA Gymnastics card in the mail today. She can now officially compete in gymnastics competitions. Her first meet will be on December 1st. A few weeks ago I noticed Morgan was limping. I asked her what had happened, she said was practicing her spins in the shower. Hmm, maybe the shower might not be the best place to practice your gymnastics! Even though she bruised her foot, she didn't complain about it or ask to sit out of practice. She just worked through the pain. I had told Morgan if her foot hurt she should tell her coaches and sit out of some rotations, but she was able to keep going each day and would just ice her foot. Now that is dedication! I need to take notes from my daughter. Lately, I have found excuses some mornings not to hop on my elliptical - I am too tired, I have a headache, I overslept, I have to be out of the house too early, I can work out later, etc... I need to be more dedicated. I need to work through my excuses. I always feel better when I have had my work out in the morning. This lack of dedication and motivation is new for me. Lance used to tease me because the alarm would ring and before he hit the button to shut it off I was on my machine running. I don't know if it is age or this stage of life but I don't like that fact that I am finding excuses some days to skip my workout. Once you skip it makes it harder to get back into it. Morgan, I am looking to you for my motivation. You are dedicated to your sport. You work on your sport any free moment that you have in the day. You are constantly trying to improve and reach the next goal. I want to be more like you. I am so proud of you and can't wait to see you compete!


Earen said...

Hi there! Thank you for your comment on my blog & for stopping by! I'll look forward to checking it out again & congrats to your daughter!

Sarah Markley said...

Congratulations to Morgan! Good for her...I constantly am learning "motivation" from my kiddos too!