So Refreshing

to get a haircut and wax(eyebrows and lip) this morning! YEAH! I had all 3 kiddos in tow and they were SOO good. Lance was going to take the day off but they had some potential clients to visit. He left early this morning and was going to get to the salon by the time Morgan's haircut was finished to get the kids. He was running late and I ended up being done by the time he got there. So I am even more grateful the kids were good since they were not expecting to stay for very long.

We are heading off to the mountains for the weekend. We are going to a cabin with our small group from church. It should be fun! The weather is supposed to be great. I am looking forward to a bonfire with smores, a run tomorrow morning, playing games, and being with family and friends with really no distractions. As we were packing today, Lance said "Now I know why we never go anywhere. It is so much work to get all this stuff together." Yep, especially when you have little ones. It takes as much stuff to go for two days as it does for two weeks. What are your plans for the weekend?

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Sarah Markley said...

You are very brave to bring all three with you to get waxed. I just can't bring myself to bring two to do that! You are brave! Have fun in the mountains.