Milkin' Mamas

Do you like the title of my post? It is the name of the breats milk bank I found who is willing to take what is left of my frozen milk! YEAH! When Landon was about 4 months old I donated 1500 ounces of frozen milk to a breast milk bank on the east coast. It was very difficult to find a breast milk bank that would take milk from an out of state donor and at that time there was not a breast milk bank in MN. I still have quite a supply of milk and I am not tapping into my frozen milk very much. I use a bag, maybe two bags a day for Mauryn's sippy cup. Lance and I were just discussing the other day what would happen to this milk. Today I did a search on the internet and found a breast milk bank out of CA that has accepted me as a donor. The next step in the process is for my ob and Mauryn's pediatrician to fill out a medical report. Once those reports are received and I pass as healthy, they will send out a kit so that I can have my blood drawn and do a cheek swab (they do a DNA test to make sure it is truly my milk). Once the tests are done and I am cleared Milkin' Mamas will send me a cooler so I can ship my milk. After they recieve the milk it is then tested and then spun and put into storable containers. This milk is then used for premature babies and babies who are very ill at birth. God blessed me with a good milk supply and I am so thankful I can share it with others.

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Sarah Markley said...

This is awesome! Wow, what a cool thing you are doing.