Halloween 2009

What started out as a cold, rainy afternoon turned out to be a beautiful evening for trick or treating.

We started our night be having a pre trick or treating dinner with some friends/neighbors. The kids then hit the neighborhood up for some candy.

Morgan the 50's girl

Hello Officer!

A mermaid - of course!

After trick or treating we headed next door for the annual Halloween Party. This year since the party was on Halloween night they decided to include the kids at the party. A fun way to end the day!
You will notice my mermaid is now a chicken. The mermaid costume lasted a total of about 5 minutes. Mauryn didn't like the wig or the scratchy dress. It is tough being a princess! Thankfully her chicken costume from last year still fit her pretty well. She LOVED being the chicken and it kept her warm. Since Mauryn changed her costume Landon thought he should change his costume too. He changed from police officer to firefighter!


nicole said...

i love the mermaid outfit...but i don't blame Mauryn, i would have switch too.

denise said...

That chicken costume looks really familiar...probably because it's the same one my daughter was wearing for Halloween this year :)

Very cute kids!

Jenni S. said...

LOL at them changing costumes. That's great that you had other ones on hand. There's something to be said for holding on to hand-me-downs!

Lynn said...

There is a whole lot of cuteness going on in this post.

You and Lance are very convincing pirates. It must be especially fun for your kids when the WHOLE FAMILY dresses up.