Double Digits

Dearest Morgan,

You hit double digits today! This is the last time you will show your age on two hands. This means you are growing up far too fast. It seems like only yesterday you were placed in my arms for the first time. The day that I became a mother. The day our journey began as mother/daughter. The day the parenting adventure began.

You make my job as a mom, easy. You are kind, loving, respectful, and compassionate. You may leave your clothes and things around the house and have a messy room :o) but you have a heart for people and you love Jesus.

I am proud to be your mama! I love you!



Denise said...

so sweet. it goes too fast, huh.

♥Mimi♥ said...

Time will slip through your fingers like water. Ask me - I am a good example of what happens when you have children and you blink your eyes. They grow up all too soon. So treasure this little girl who is such a blessing in your life, as I'm sure you do.

Lynn said...

Happy Birthday Morgan!!! 10 is such a milestone! You are lovely in every way.