There are times when people do something very simple and unassuming that turns into a blessing.

Today a dear, sweet friend took my three kids for the afternoon.

It started as a play date between Morgan and her daughters after a morning at vacation bible school.  When Landon found out Morgan was going to Miss Barbie's house, he wanted to go and play with her son.  This dear sweet woman can not say no to my charming boy!  I guess since she had two she figured she would take all three of them.  I know I asked her at least fifteen times if she was sure she wanted to take all of them.  She assured me she was delighted to have them for the afternoon.  

It was so strange to be home. By myself. For two hours!  I wasn't even sure what to do. I was torn between tackling some summer projects and just being lazy reading on the couch or watching a movie.  I decided to split the time - spending more on cleaning than relaxing but it still felt good to tackle some projects.  I also had a haircut this afternoon and for the first time in probably 5 years, I went without kids!  What a treat!

I knew my kids were having a blast.  Miss Barbie is a woman who has a huge heart for children. She loves my kids as if they were her own.  She lets them do things they can't do at their own house, like slide down the stairs on pillowcases and cover themselves from head to toe in mud. They create projects, eat yummy snacks, and are just plain crazy and silly.  It is one of their favorite places because they feel loved and it is always an adventure!

In the craziness of our summer, this little simple gesture brought a few hours of peace and relaxation.  A simple gesture that touched my heart and was a blessing to this tired mama!


Shawna said...

Barbie is such a blessing...I hope she knows that! You are a blessing, too! You always inspire me to be a better person! Thanks for being an awesome example and friend.

Lynn said...

What a wonderful example of friendship. Did you do anything crazy with your new haircut?

Denise said...

i must move near mrs. barbie!

i never know what to do with myself when the kids are away. i know how to
keep myself busy when they are here.
there noise is like music, or the heart beat that keeps this house going (some times their "music" is heavy metal, most of the time it is dance tunes, and when it is sweet it is a ballad).

so what did you do with your 2 hrs?

new haircut?? you must post!

Kym said...

I know we all count our blessings when it comes to a friend like Barbie! I am glad God answered your prayer for a little time "to just be".

Earen said...

Isn't it a blessing to have friends who do this for you!

david.toney said...

so sweet! Does mrs barbie want to come down to san diego for an afternoon? :)

Alana said...

I have friend like that and it is a TRUE blessing! Glad you enjoyed yourself!

lindsey cheney said...

i need a miss barbie!

let this be a reminder to all of us, when we're out of this crazy stage with little ones, to do this for other young moms.

Dave and Jenni said...

I would like pictures of the new haircut please. :)

So glad you got some time to yourself. Your friend sounds like a real blessing.