On Sunday night, Lance, Morgan, and Landon went with our friend Todd to do a little boating on the lake.  About ten minutes after they left, I noticed Lance pulling back in the driveway.  The boat was in the water but wouldn't start.  After trying for some time, they couldn't get the boat to start.  They returned home disappointed but with hopes of boating on Monday night.  

All through dinner, Morgan and Landon couldn't stop talking about how excited they were to go out on Todd's boat.  As they were talking, Morgan declared she was going to try to knee board. Lance and I just looked at each other with the "oh yeah right" look.  Morgan tends to be very safe and conservative when trying new things. (This is a girl who wouldn't even go tubing three years ago.)   I thought for sure she was all talk -especially once she got in the water which is FREEZING cold. 

I sent Lance with our little digital camera to take pictures and get any video clips if Morgan was truly brave enough to try knee boarding.  Sure enough, she did it! She even got up the first time on the knee board.  She was so SO excited when she got home.  I think it took her an hour to fall asleep!  

I was shocked and amazed that she was so willing to try something new.  It was exciting to see her set her mind to something and accomplish it.  To see her self confidence grow with trying something new was just priceless.


Krista said...

Way to go Morgan! I'm just impressed that she'd get in the water. . .it's sooo cold right now.

Rachel Slagle said...

how awesome that she was able to do that. i probably wouldn't have even set foot in the water if it was freezing :)

Earen said...

Way to go Morgan! Oh, to be young & light again! :-)

Lynn said...

Woo hoo!!! Way to go Morgan!

Dave and Jenni said...

Good for her being so adventurous! I'm with the others - you'd be hard pressed to drag me into cold water!