Hello my name is Kristen and I am a copycat.  I rarely come up with creative or inventive ideas on my own. Somehow that gene skipped me, so I take ideas from other people and either tweek them or copy them completely.

About seven months ago, I saw this post on Lindsey's blog.  We have the same type of space in our kitchen so when I saw her incredibly creative idea, I just knew I wanted to tackle that project.  Well, I FINALLY got to making my fabric covered sound boards last week.  I was a little nervous as this is out of my normal crafty zone (which is quite narrow).  It was a super easy project and I am so excited to put them to use. No more cluttered refrigerator doors. No more cluttered school room. I now have a large space to put school work and pictures. AAH - feels so good!  Now to buy some of Lindsey's cute push pins to help decorate the boards.  (If you haven't shopped Lindsey's shop, stop by! She creates the cutest things. I am big fan and frequent shopper!)
Oh, by the way, another discovery, when your husband tells you "just go buy the paint and I will paint" he might now have been 100% serious.  Now the gallons (all 3 of them plus 2 quarts) of paint have been purchased and the walls are patiently waiting for their makeover while the kids and I are in Montana.


Denise said...

lindsey is hanging over my shoulder pouting because she wants to be first to comment.
ummm neighbor, i am a great painter. a master cutter!
let me know when you need me.
okay your turn lindsey.

lindsey cheney said...

first off, i was not pouting, denise! second, kristen, i am a much better painter than denise, so i'd be a much better neighbor to have at this point. i used to be a professional!
and third, thank you so much for the blog love! you are too kind to send folks my way! have fun in montana - memories there of our first (and only) meeting!

Lynn said...

You're in Montana?!?

Okay, I know that wasn't the main point of your post. Congrats on your crafty success! Cute!

Janelle said...

Your blog header is GORGEOUS!! What a great picture. I hope you have that framed somewhere in your house.

Congrats on the cute project!

Janelle said...

Totally unrelated, but I saw it in your sidebar. If you like the book,

"Two Weeks With My Brother"

then you will LOVE the book,

"Honeymoon With My Brother." Excellent read!

Shan said...

Good Job - I don't paint - leave that to sister-in law :)

Dave and Jenni said...

A) LOVE the new header and pics of the kiddos - you chose some great ones.

B) Definitely leave the painting to Hubs. You've been busy enough!

C) It looks great!

Cathi Hamen said...

hi i am one of shannon's friends, where did you get your new template???? soo cute!
your blog is very sweet...

Short Stop said...

What a cool idea. I LOVE the print you chose. Looks SO good.

Your new header is GORGEOUS!