ABC's of me

A. Attached or single? attached
B. Best friend? Lance, and I have some wonderful girlfriends but I don't know that I have a "best friend"
C. Cake or pie? oh...not a huge fan of pie so I guess I would say cake
D. Day of choice? Sunday- usually very relaxing with lots of lounging and naps
E. Essential items? laptop, ipod, bible, water bottle, contacts/glasses, running shoes, a good book, planner/calendar
F. Favorite color(s)? i don't have a favorite- i like most of them
G. Gummy bears or worms? both
H. Hometown? St. Peter, MN
I. Favorite indulgence? fountain cherry pepsi or vanilla frozen yogurt with hot fudge or crushed oreos
J. January or July? July for sure - my birthday and its hot and sunny
K. Kids? 3 kiddos
L. Life isn't complete without? Jesus, my salvation, my family
M. Marriage date? December 21, 1996
N. Number of brothers or sisters? 4 brothers, 2 sisters
O. Oranges or apples? both - apples especially in the fall (macintosh are my fav) 
Q. Quotes? "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent" by Eleanor Roosevelt (I like the quote just hard to live by) 
R. Reasons to smile? i am heading to MT in two days to meet my two sisters and their families and my brother - i haven't seen any of them in a year
S. Season of choice? i like something about every season. i always look forward to each season - fall with cooler temps and changing colors, winter with snow, spring warmth and new growth, summer for pool days and hot weather 
T. Tag 5 people: Bethel Ladies, Val, Alana, Janelle, Earen, and anyone else who wants to play
U. Unknown fact about me. My family says I am the booger patrol. I can't stand boogie noses!
V. Vacation of choice? give me a beach, sunshine, sand, a great book and i am there  
W. Worst habit? too much time on the computer
X. Xray or ultrasound? ultrasound
Y. Your favorite food? chocolate chip cookies, popcorn, strawberries, corn on the cob
Z. Zodiac sign? cancer...but i am not into signs


Dave and Jenni said...

Very cool Kristen! I may have to steal this idea!

Renee said...

This was fun! And I love, love, love your bloggy look! This probably shows how long I've been MIA, huh? The picture at the top is beautiful, and I love the design.

Can I go on vacation with you? I love the beach, sunshine, a good book, and maybe a yummy drink. My hubby doesn't really like to be in the sun, so he lies in the shade. I love the felling of the sun.

And I LOVE popcorn and chocolate chip cookies. Mmmm...

Have fun in MN!

Krista said...

Fun post Kristen!

a mom serving her 2 kids! said...

I stumbled upon your blog thru Lisa Leonard's, I believe. But, I had to comment when I read that you are from St. Peter, MN. I live in northwest Iowa, by Lake Okoboji, and my aunt and uncle live in Mankato. How funny!

Lynn said...

Loved this meme! I learned several things about you....like you come from a huge family! Our anniversary is Dec 22!

I love living in a place with all four seasons too...

Denise said...

hey neighbor,

i like your quote, yes, it would be hard to live by, but freeing.

how do you make your popcorn?
mu fav. is oil popped, with lawry's season salt (no butter needed).

i HEART corn on the cob.

i think i will call you neighbor from now on, that way when i move there it will come naturally :-)