VBS Program

This week our church has been conducting vacation bible school.  The theme this year was Power Lab, based around different science experiments to enhance the bible points for each day.  My kids had a great week!  I was impressed with how much Landon could tell me about the story each day.  It helped that Miss Barbie was teaching the story for the preschoolers and made it very hands on and real for the kids.  

As a finale for the week, there was a program this evening.  The kids performed some of their songs, watched the last Chadder video segment, and learned how much money they earned for the weekly mission project.  My kids have been busy collecting as many coins as possible to turn in each day for missions offerings. The more money the kids raised the more pastors that would get slimed after the program.  Of course, the kids were motivated to bring in their coins because they all wanted to see the pastors get slimed and to be part of the sliming process.

one of the experiments with dry ice and soap - we should be bubbling with thankfulness
Landon looks more like he got slimed than helping to slime our early childhood pastor
our teen pastor after he got slimed!

VBS #2 from Kristen Cheney on Vimeo.


joy said...

love the new pic up top. how fun! the church around the corner (not the one we regularly attend) is doing the same VBS--looks fun! eli starts next week.

Lynn said...

Okay, that new header picture might just be the cutest thing I have seen in a LONG time! Oh my goodness!!!

Your VBS looks like it was a blast. I have such great memories of VBS growing up. Loved the video, and thanks for taking the invite only thingy off of the other videos...Maryn is quite the cutie. :o)

Kym said...

I do think the preschoolers got the worst of my sliming. I am glad Landon got so into it. The pic of Todd is priceless. VBS was a great time! So many kids made commitments to Jesus!

Dave and Jenni said...

That video is AWESOME! Landon looked so precious singing.