Swimming Lessons

Over the last two weeks, Morgan and Landon have been taking their first session of swimming lessons.  I knew Morgan was excited and looking forward to learning new skills but Landon.. not so much. The week before swimming lessons he told me that maybe he needed a break from swimming lessons.  So he needed a break before he even had his first day - oh brother!  I had to really pump him up on the first day of swimming lessons but he still was hesitant. Once he got in the pool and the lessons started he did great.  He loved wearing the goggles and putting his face in the water. The single startburst they get at the end of each lesson was a huge motivator for that boy.

Swimming lessons at the beginning of June, outside, in the morning, can be ify.. there were two mornings when Landon got in the pool when the temperature was 52 degrees. YIKES! Thankfully the pool is heated and they put a heater out by the pool so the kids could warm up when they finished. It wasn't quite as bad in the afternoon when Morgan had her lesson but the kids all loved sitting under that heater.

Landon worked on putting his face in the water, superman float (front float no kick), back float, they did both front and back floats with a kick, jumping off the side, jumping off the board, crawl arms, and circle arms.  Landon did pretty well but I knew that being one of the youngest in the class he would take this same class again in his next session.  When he does his kicks, his little legs go so fast but his butt is straight up in the air. It is so funny! He has made huge improvements since last year and I am just thankful he is more comfortable in the water and ENJOYING swimming lessons.
Goggle boy
Swimming on his own
Working on the front float with kick
Cowabunga! (his teacher cracked up every time he went of the board - they boy got some air each time he jumped!)

Morgan worked on her front crawl, back crawl, elementary backstroke, sidestroke, diving, breaststroke, treading water for two minutes, turns, and they started on the butterfly.  During the two weeks of lessons, Morgan really improved on her front crawl.  We don't get to a pool that often for her to swim so it was nice to see it come along during her lessons.  She did master all the skills but we want her to be stronger and a little older before she moves on to the next level so she is going to take this class again in the next session.  Morgan enjoys learning all the different strokes and is turning it quite a good swimmer. Swimming is such a good life long skill, I am glad that she enjoys it.   
Treading water for 2 minutes
Working on the breaststroke
Hanging out after swimming a lap
Working on diving


joy said...

i agree that swimming is a good life skill. plus, it's just plain fun! glad the lessons are going well.

Lynn said...

I remember it being so cold in the mornings when we had swimming lessons. My mom would be sitting just outside the pool...we would yell, READY?!?...then she would wrap us in a big towel that she had waiting when we ran to her. Great that your kids are learning these skills while they are young.

Sarah Markley said...

i love all the pictures!!! too fun. glad the weather is nice.

Krista said...

It sounds like lots of fun. I am glad it warmed up for you.

Dave and Jenni said...

That's great that you're being so vigilent about teaching this to the kids. I thought about starting Ruthie this summer, but she seems so little, I think I might wait one more summer when she can follow direction a little better.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! You know we live at the pool and all mine are swimmers. :)

So, between swim lessons and your marathon----they should be ready for a triathlon in a few years, right?