No More Braces

A little over six months ago, Morgan had braces put on her top four teeth.  She has been a trooper - she was faithful in her brushing and flossing, followed the food rules, and did not complain about pain or discomfort through this process.  

Two weeks ago at Morgan's appointment, they made a mold of her mouth so she could be fitted for her retainer. Morgan began counting down the days until her braces would be removed.

The day arrived for the braces to be removed and Morgan was giddy with excitement. 

(self portrait on the way to her appointment)

The change in Morgan's teeth was noticeable within a month of the braces being put on.  It was amazing.  Her teeth are straight and look great. Of course, this is only Phase I so there will be more braces to come in a few years once all her permanent teeth are in.
no more braces

Morgan with straight teeth and her retainer (colors of her gymnastics team of course)


Krista said...

Hurray for Morgan! Her smile is absolutely beautiful!

Dave and Jenni said...

Congratulations, Morgan! She must be SO excited! BTW, love the new look of the blog!

joy said...

cool retainer! and it feels so great to get the braces off. love the new blog look, too.

Kym said...

Morgan must be jazzed to finally have a "forbidden" now the braces are off! I will offer her a carmel the next time I see her ;). Love the look of your blog, good changes.


Shan said...

Shelooks so happy! Look at that smile :) I'm sure her mouth is all mushy! Congrats!!!

Rachel Slagle said...

How exciting! I was so happy when I got my braces off - after four long years :)

Anonymous said...

It looks great!

How old was she when they put them on? I am amazed----I remember being in high school when I got my braces on. (Heck, I still had them on when I got married)