The Not So Lazy Days of Summer

I absolutely LOVE summer!

I have counted down the days to summer break each year. As a student. As a teacher. As a mom. I love the carefree feel of summer - not having a schedule, the longer days, BBQ's, and days at the pool.

This summer is flying by so quickly.  June is almost over and we have yet to have a carefree day. Since returning from vacation, our life has been a whirlwind of activity.  Each day and most evenings have been filled with commitments.  So this month has been a blur. I don't feel relaxed or rested as I usually would at this point in the summer.  I haven't tackled a single project on my summer to do list. I haven't completed a single book on my reading list.  I am behind on things around the house, on reading blogs and commenting,  and on responding to emails and returning phone calls.  Most days we have been home in small chunks of time between swimming lessons, gymnastics, birthday parties, errands, etc..  Enough time to start dinner or throw in a load of laundry but not enough time to do anything else around the house.

I need the carefree feel of summer. I need a break from all the activities and commitments. I want days at home with the kids running through the sprinkler, eating picnics in the back yard, planning play dates with their friends, and being able to spend an afternoon (at least nap time) reading.  I need to simplify somehow so that we can enjoy some lazy days of summer before they slip by without notice.


Rachel Slagle said...

i so hear you! there are only like three days on my june calendar that have no writing on them. i hate being so busy all the time :(

joy said...

lindsey and i were just chatting about this very thing today. summer is really kind of short. it tries to be lazy, but really can't. it takes effort to make it uncomplicated and relaxing. what's up with that? hope you get some r&r in the upcoming days. Fight the busyness! i say this to myself too.

Dave and Jenni said...

Amen, Sister.

Denise said...

i counted that we will be home 22 days this summer!! we have already used up 2 of'em!
i need lazy days of summer,and a break from it all too. i want to just be mommy, take off the other hats i wear.

Alana said...

We have had a similar June and are just now settling into summer "days". Hope you get there soon!