PinterTEST Kitchen #3

i am so thankful that jessica came up with the idea for pintertest kitchen

it has definitely helped me to actually do some of the things i have pinned on my boards

interest helped save dinner at my house this month.

as i was making dinner, i had three children grumbling and complaining about what i was going to make for dinner.  they were sure this was going to be the grossest thing i have ever made them eat.

good news, everyone LOVED the stuffed shells.  
they were delicious.
i will definitely be making this for dinner again.

the sliders are a very quick and easy dinner.
my two children who love ham sandwiches didn't enjoy the sliders.
i thought they were quite good and will probably make them again.

last night i tried the cheesy taco casserole.
i was out running errands when lance and the kids ate so i may have had to take a picture this morning of the reheated casserole on my phone.

i had some chicken to use up so i added black beans and chicken to the casserole.
you could eat this in a tortilla or with some tortilla chips or on its own.
it was really good.
and very filling.
it makes a ton. 
yeah for leftovers for lunch!
everyone in our family loved it. #FTW

the other morning we were heading out the door and i need a breakfast i could transport.  
i remembered the apple sandwich that i had pinned a long time ago.
i knew it would be quick to throw together and easy to transport and eat on the go.
oh my word, this was yummy!  
perfect combo of tart, sweet, and salty.
this would be a great mid afternoon snack.
{sorry for the poor quality iPhone picture}

i have been wanting to make mauryn a skirt for quite some time.
she loves skirts and dresses and wears one almost daily.
when i first joined pinterest, i saw this tutorial and immediately pinned it.
i even cut some fabric to make the skirt.
then life happened and i never got back to it.
fast forward a few months and its time for pintertest kitchen and i knew this was the perfect opportunity to make the skirt.
i had some christmas fabric that i got on black friday at joann's that i didn't use to make my christmas bunting.  it was the perfect size to make a skirt for mauryn.

when i went back to find my pin on pinterest, i couldn't find it.  my board shows that i had 87 pins but was only showing about 40 of them.  
i went into slight panic mode.
i knew that the tutorial would be a little search away.
i found the tutorial i remembered and got to work.

this skirt was easy.
easy peasy.
i would consider myself a beginner with sewing and have mediocre skills.
i was easily able to sew this in under an hour.

i will definitely be making more skirts with this pattern!

have you tried any projects from pinterest? what's been your favorite?


Denise said...

casseroles! casseroles!! casseroles!!!!! i can't handle it... but i'm sure the other casserole eating people will like the dishes you made.

that skirt? really was it easy? you know something this beginner sewer can make? it looks super cute AND redeems all the photos of casseroles.

sarah said...

my friend cassie is new to sewing and i pointed her to dana's site for tutorials, she also loves that skirt. and i think shes made a bazillion for her little girl and all her friends. im so glad you found it and liked it too! they turn out so cute!

{cuppakim} said...

whoa girl.
slow down.
you are QUITE the overachiever here.
but i love it.

yummm...the mexican shells look SO CHEESEY DELICIOUS.

i made those apple pb sammies once.
it was a messy mess by the time it was lunch time. boo :( but sounds like yours turned out FABULOUS! :)

and the fabric on the skirt is to die for!

mel @ the larson lingo said...

I love me some casseroles!!!!! YUM!!! Totally making that Mexican one. And, I really, really, really love that skirt. So impressed you made it. I am a slacker sewer...but I might have to attempt that skirt.

Jessica Johnson said...

is it weird that i want those mexican shells right now? for breakfast? and can you slow down a bit? pinterTest MVP. for sure. also your daughter is as tall as you are. when did that happen??

Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

My mom made those ham & cheese sliders a few weeks ago & they were HUGE hit between my dad, uncle, and hubs (us girls liked them too of course!).

That skirt is ridiculously cute too!

Your family is adorable btw!