Summer Bucket List 2011

each year summer seems to fly by in the blink of an eye.
at the end of the summer the kids and i will say oh we should have done this or gone there.
we get caught up with life and don't always plan specific activities for our summer days.

this year i wanted to be more intentional about our summer
 so early in june we started a list on a piece of paper.

 our list kept growing and soon didn't fit on our piece of paper anymore
we moved our list to a big white board in our school room
i love that its a big visual for the kids to see at any time
here's what is on our list so far:
- go to u swirl for frozen yogurt
- go to roaring springs {water park}
- caldwell night rodeo
- zoo boise
- wahooz
- eagle island state park
- lucky peak beach
- kicks for christ bible school
- pandamania {vbs at our church}
- go to settlers park {splash park}
- participate in the summer reading program at the library
- bike boise green belt
- movie night at settlers park
- have a lemonade stand
- hike camel's back park
- free movie day at the theater
- nampa's farmers market
- back yard camp out with daddy
- boise hawks game
- drive in
- boise farmers market
- sonic happy hour
- have donughts for breakfast
- paint pet rocks
- go to deer flat wildlife refuge
- make home made ice cream
- living room sleep over
- make PVC sprinkler
- make sidewalk chalk
- make sidewalk paint
- have hawaiian ice
- water balloon fights
- go to the ranch
- make pudding pops
- see fireworks
- make a mural
- write letters to pen pals
-go see mr. popper's penguins
- swimming lessons
- look at the stars
- eat corn on the cob
- roll down a hill
- play 4 square
- make salsa
- have a car wash {kids toys and maybe mom's car :o)}
- make play doh
- paint with a straw
- read, read, read, read = movie date
- make indoor tent
- make pin wheels
have the best summer yet!

we've been busy checking things off our list hence the lack of activity on the blog.
we've been enjoying each moment of summer.
i am so thankful for a list to keep us intentional about our time.

what's on your summer bucket list?


All My Monkeys said...

You must get the Family Fun magazine. Is that where you saw the PVC sprinkler? Looks fun to me. :D I love the "odd" list contributions like "roll down a hill" and "make salsa." Awesome.

Jules said...

I wanna live there!!!!

Oh, shoot. Now I have to have a list too. :)

Janelle said...

Totally plagerizing you, Denise and Sara. My blog is jealous of your blog. And my kids are jealous of your kids. They just don't know it.

I love you!!!

Simply Sara said...

love, love, love!

adding salsa and and donuts for breakfast to my list!


Denise said...

you had me at "donuts for breakfast."

make salsa!?! are you going to eat it???

i like the car wash idea...so mu kids can wash my car!