Finding Joy - Weeks 20, 21, 22, and 23

i am behind. really really far behind on blogging.
i am combining the past few weeks of joys to get caught up.

life has been busy. 
crazy busy.
lazy days of summer should be renamed crazy days of summer.
as crazy as it is i wouldn't change a minute of it.

prepare yourself for a ton of pictures.

- street performers in san francisco
 - an afternoon strolling through anthropologie... all the lovlieness
 - relaxing on the train
- traveling under the bay on the bart. kids thought that was so cool!
 - family time in san francisco
- exploring the city
soaking up the sunshine
 - seeing the golden gate bridge
 - as a fan of the tv show full house {which my kids now love} it was fun to see the painted ladies from the opening credits on the show
 - the painted hearts around union square in san fran
- kiddos going "gangsta"
 - sea lions sunning themselves
 - a morning spent at the acquarium
 - ghirardelli ... yum!
 - boats on pier 39 on a sunny morning
- lunching in a park with the jones and cheney families
 - kayaking
 - our first experience with seeing a geocache
 - marshmallow teeth
 - four days at bass lake
 - spending quality time with denise
 - kids crashed in the car on the way home
- three amazing little travelers
 - mauryn's first dance recital
 - morgan's dance recital
 - mauryn getting out the "po nailish" to have fancy nails for church
 - summer vacation
- creating our summer bucket list
 - our first strawberries from our garden. they are tasty!
 - play dates with friends/neighbors
 - art work on the driveway
 - little miss riding her bike
 - tinker bell
 - lucky peak... so pretty
 - exploring
 - our neighbor pat at the finish line of boise's ironman 70.3.  
 - playing in the sand
 - i love white chocolate and last weekend i found a white chocolate toblerone bar. oh my it was tasty!
 - walking downtown boise.... love boise.
 - our own version of a water slide
 - playing in the neighbors pool
 - racing on the slip and slide
 - i found these two snuggled up together the other morning
 - lance's parents were here visiting and they are gamers. they love to play any type of card game.  there were hours spent playing favorite games and learning new games.
 - water balloon fights
 - friends who are neighbors who don't mind when you stop over in your grubs to return something and end up visiting for 3 hours.  i am so thankful to have great neighbor - friends.

- finding time to get caught up.  blog posts coming on our trip to california {aka maycation}, pat's ironman race, girls' dance recital, recipes, and more!

what have been some of your joys recently?

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Erin said...

It was fun meeting you! I love all you weeks of JOY! so awesome.