Insta Friday - The California Edition

we spent this past week in northern and central california. 

here's a little peak at our week through iphone pictures.

 there is a stretch of road on our drive to california that is 100 miles of straight road. 
no gas stations. 
no rest stops.
no pretty scenery.
you can only drive 55 miles an hour.
it's painful.
it is during this stretch if the kids ask to watch a movie i say yes. 
then they put on the movie, curl up with their blankets, and that stretch of road is gone in a blur.

 you can see SOMEONE is thrilled with the idea of getting on a trolley.

 an overast afternoon spent browsing in anthropologie... yes thank you.

 the overcast afternoon turned into a full on rain storm as we headed to oakland for a baseball game.
we ate dinner a restaurant in the stadium while watching the rain come down, praying it would stop.
just as the game started the rain stopped.
we grabbed some paper towels from the bathrooms to wipe down our seats and enjoyed an evening at the ball park.
 good morning san francisco!  
sunday morning was glorious... sunshine and clear skies.
 a visit to the aquarium

 a quick stop on the beach so the kids could run their toes through the sand or cover their entire bodies with sand. 
they loved it.
 a lunch in the park with these lovely ladies 
perfect monday afternoon.
 cousins connecting and catching up - the dads
 the girlies,
 and the boys.
these boys are responsible for carrying on the cheney name.
no pressure little men. no pressure.

  vacation {aka maycation} is just not vacation without lots of yummy food
cinnamon rolls
 chocolate chip cookies 
{what, you don't use an iced tea jar as a cookie jar}
s'more egg rolls {divine}

and an ice cream run to millers landing
 to balance all the eating there were daily walks by the lake.
i love looking at all the houses
this one makes me smile at how they saved the tree and built the overhang around the tree

 mauryn's new best friend
he taught her all sorts of tricks
this was her favorite

a trip to california isn't complete without a stop to in and out
why won't in and out move to idaho... so yummy!


Leah in Iowa said...

It appears that your vacation was a lot of fun, with lots of memories made. That's my definition of a great family trip! And the food looked OH SO YUMMY! I'm drooling...

Denise said...

your pix make me happpppppppyyyyy!

did lance enjoy his in-n-out?

miss you.

Simply Sara said...

happiness and jealousy. a mix of both :)

miss ya

Alana said...

Aw, how wonderful! I love the pic of you and Denise laughing!

Janelle said...

Each and every picture made me smile and a wee bit jealous! :)