Insta Friday

phew it has been a week... 
unpacking from vacation
getting the house back in order
filling the fridge and pantry with groceries
dance recitals and banquets on the same day
figuring out our summer schedule. morgan started morning practice for gym and we now are up and out of the house earlier than the kids normally get up during school. lovely. at least we have our afternoons free but we are all adjusting to the get fed, dressed, lunch packed, and  out of the house by 7:30 am.
needless to say i am way behind on ye ol' blog

i did get some photos this week on my  iphone {have i mentioned that i heart my iphone}
linking up again with jeannett over a life rearranged

here's a little glimpse at our week and i will be getting caught up with vacation photos, etc... this week.
mauryn had her first dance recital last weekend.
she was so excited. she couldn't stop twirling in her costume.
when she saw her little friends in their costumes giggling, hugging, and chasing ensued
they couldn't contain their excitement
mauryn had the sweetest teacher ever.  we loved miss jana.

as soon as the recital was over we had landon's baseball banquet and morgan's gymnastics banquet.
lance, landon, and mauryn went to the baseball banquet while morgan and i went to the gymnastics banquet.
it was a nice celebration of the girls' hard work throughout the year.
they gave each girl awards during the banquet. it was a nice way to showcase their strengths on the team. morgan's awards were most responsible {no surprise there} and excellent form.  

mauryn got up sunday morning and NEEDED her nails done before church
she got out a bag of "po nalish"
she didn't just want one color she wanted 4 because she is four
makes perfect sense
sunday night we had a graduation party to attend
mauryn made sure she was all dolled up in party attire
sun glasses, necklaces, rings
and don't forget some slip sloss {lip gloss}
the kids and i sat down on monday to come up with our summer bucket list
there are so many things to do in our area during the summer and i wanted to make sure we got a list going so we can try to do as many as possible over the summer
it was fun to see what made the top of the kids list 
we seem to keep adding to it
it will be great to check things off and see how many items we can do
what's on your summer bucket list?
the weather has been cold
really unseasonably cold
somehow our strawberries have survived and they are growing like crazy
we pick a bucket full everyday 
they last about 5 minutes
they are so sweet and juicy
love them
what do you do when your kids have friends over to play but its not quite warm enough to do water stuff and they've exhausted bikes, scooters, and the swing set? {and the mean mom is making them play outside because the sun is shining}
make sidewalk paint
the driveway got a great makeover and the kids had a blast
when did she get big enough to ride on a big bike?
 she is now four and a HALF
don't forget the HALF 
or she will remind you every single day

some of our friends are in town for the weekend so we had a little get together for them
8 adults and 9 kids
thankfully the sun was shining so the kids could spend most of their time outside
i made grilled pizzas for dinner. easy peasy.
so yummy...one of my favorite dinners hands down.
when it cools down and the sun is setting so the kids come inside while the parents are still visiting this is what happens to your bonus room
guess what my kids are doing today??

how was your week??
life rearranged


Simply Sara said...

we sat down today and started writing out our summer list... so many fun things to look forward to!

i can't wait to get our two 4yr old divas together. i am sure we will lose extra pounds from laughing so much!

i wish we could grow strawberries. i buy them every time we go to the store and they are gone in 5 mins around here too!

miss ya friend!

Stacey said...

I love your blog updates so much that I'm checking while vacationing in California (we are loving it)! Anyways, I LOVE your summer list and would love to see it in entirety (for ideas) and would also LOVE to have your grilled pizza recipe/how-to.

Take care - Stacey

Jessica Johnson said...

i NEED that grilled pizza recipe. pretty, please? ;)

katie said...

We have 4 more days of school. We need to get our summer list going!

Veronica said...

I can't read the rest of your bucket list ;) Sounds like a good one and a good idea to put together!