Flag Football

Every Sunday afternoon last fall Lance and Landon would head down to the neighbors to play a game of tackle football. Landon loved it and looked forward to it each week.

This fall we signed him up for flag football.  At first he was a little disappointed he wouldn't get to wear a helmet or pads, but once he got his mouth guard he was all good.

Landon loved playing football and looked forward to each practice and game.  He was great about cheering on his teammates and being an encourager.  He definitely took his "job" on the field seriously.

 Landon's team was made up of mostly first graders, so they were fairly young and inexperienced, but they were quick to learn and had a great season.  They ended up taking second place in the league.

The fall gave us so many beautiful Saturdays for watching the games.  It was great to sit outside without having to be bundled up for each game.  The girls were Landon's biggest cheerleaders watching each game and rooting for their brother and his team.  Sometimes it pays off to be the cute little sister of one of the team members because then the treat mom feels bad for you when you don't get a snack and gives you a big treat.

I had to include some video with highlights from Landon's first season playing football.  He was pretty much the littlest guy out there but held his own with the big guys.
Untitled from Kristen Cheney on Vimeo.

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