First "Snow"

The weather reports were for a large winter storm.  There were travel warnings and weather alerts all over the news.  I was expecting to wake up on Tuesday to inches of snow.  Instead we woke up to a skiff of snow.  It started out being slush early in the morning but by daybreak it had turned to ice.  This wasn't the type of "snow" where you could build a snowman, shovel, or create snow angels but it was white and on the ground so my little ones couldn't wait to get outside.

Mauryn post taste of snow {eww!  but i know i did it as a kid too}

 Landon loves to shovel and bless his little heart he wanted to shovel the driveway but he wasn't making any progress since our driveway was ice not snow.  

 The skiff of white made it seem like Christmas so I put on the Christmas music and set up trees in the kids' rooms.  I am holding off on the rest of the decorating and getting our real tree {love the smell} until after Thanksgiving but I couldn't help getting a little bit of a jump start.

Do you decorate before Thanksgiving or do you wait??


Simply Sara said...

so fun!
my poor kids haven't had a chance to really play in the snow yet. it's been WAY too cold :(

we could've used landon up here. poor chris had to shovel like crazy last week!

we put up all our christmas decorations last weekend. yes, crazy early BUT it was the compromise i made with chris a few years ago. i get to decorate in the middle of nov. and he gets an artificial tree :)

Stephanie said...

We wait and have Thanksgiving and the end of fall first. Then the weekend after then the day or two after Thanksgiving we decorate. We already have our Christmas lights up on our house and our tree will go up tomorrow.
Love the holidays!