Morgan's 1st Concert

Right around Christmas time last year, I saw online that Owl City was coming to Boise for a concert.  I knew Morgan was a fan of their music and after noticing that the concert tickets were actually affordable {like $25/ticket affordable} I decided it would be fun to take her.

I was as excited about the concert as Morgan not for the band but because of the location.  There is a concert hall in downtown Boise called the Knitting Factory that is supposed to be a fun venue but I had never been there.

Morgan and I traveled down to Boise with her friends Hannah and Carly as well as Hannah's mom late in the afternoon the evening of the concert.  The line to get into the show was about two blocks long when we got there.  We had learned a little secret about The Knitting Factory.  If you eat at The Knitting Factory before the concert you get admitted into the concert early.  When we arrived to eat, in the very tiny dining area, we received a stamp for our early entry.  It was definitely worth arriving early. The food was really good, even though the girls could hardly eat they were so excited.

When the time arrived to open the doors we were allowed into the concert hall before they opened the doors to the public.  The girls had front row seats, well not really seats since we had to stand but they were right in the front.  By the time Owl City came onto perform, after waiting through three opening acts,  the girls were tired.  We ended up staying for about half their show and then headed home.  They had a great time and the venue lived up to its reputation.  The entire time I was there though I kept thinking, I am too old for this concert stuff.  It was fun and Morgan loved every little minute of it.  I am sure there will be more concerts in our future!


Stephanie said...

This post makes me laugh. Mainly because I was Morgan's age when I went to the first concert I wanted to see, New Kids On The Block! Oh yeah baby! My folks have always taken us to concerts as long as I can remember. They still take us (Chad and I) to them. :) I have never been to the Knitting Factory. Good information to know. Thanks for sharing, glad you all had fun.

Jeni said...

How fun! I'm looking forward to doing things like that with Kenna as she gets a little older.

Simply Sara said...

What a special day that I'm sure Morgan will remember forever :)

You're such a fun mommy!