The weather has turned quite chilly which means that the kids are spending more time inside playing games, doing projects, building things, and creating stories.

I love to see their imaginations flow and hear about the worlds they create.   As much as I love to see them playing, the OCD side of me feels a little stressed when I see my entry way filled with blankets, pillows, dolls, and other toys.  I am learning to take a deep breath and let them play and create their little worlds.  

One of their favorite things to play is going to grandma's house.  They turn our entryway bench into the car, load up the babies, and pretend to drive to grandma's house.
You can not travel without your babies and pets safely in their carseat and a stroller is necessary for taking your baby on her daily walks.

I am looking forward to the winter to see what stories and worlds my little ones create ... mess and all.

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Simply Sara said...

i'm learning to be ok with the mess too. eek! nothing like having a houseful of crazy kids to help me get over my perfectionism :)

wish our kids could go to grandma's house together!