Fall Pictures

During our fall break, I took the kids out one morning to get some pictures on our greenbelt hoping to get a picture for our Christmas card.  We spent about two hours walking, enjoying the fall day, feeding the ducks, petting the goat, and trying to get Mauryn to smile and participate in pictures.  Man, photographers have a tough job!

Just be warned the rest of this post is very picture heavy :o)

walking the greenbelt
trying to get a jumping picture, just like the jones family {seriously my kids said, let's do a jumping picture like the jones family}
my big girl
my handsome boy
the baby
i was hoping for some shots of the kids with leaves on the ground but since our fall came a little later we really didn't have much for leaves on the ground until november.  you can tell morgan was just thrilled with the idea of throwing leaves in the air
landon was all over being able to throw leaves

this picture cracks me up... i told the kids to look up, meaning to look up at me and they looked up at the sky except for mauryn and it is probably the best picture i got of her all day

here are some of my favorites from the day, one of these will make the christmas card:


Lynn said...

Such fun pix! I think the one you chose as your header picture is my favorite. Can't wait to see what YOU choose!

Amy said...

Those are beautiful pictures. Good job!!