Random Fall Stuff

One of the items on my to do list over our fall break was to take the kids out for a little photo shoot in hopes of getting a picture for our Christmas card.

We set off on a sunny, cool fall morning for a stroll on a greenbelt close to our house. It is one of our favorite spots for biking and walking. One of the kids' favorite activities while on the greenbelt is to feed the ducks and see all the animals.

I stowed some bread in my purse so we could feed the ducks after we finished taking pictures.

we couldn't leave the greenbelt without giving the friendly little goats some love as well
since it is fall/halloween my kids were asking for some new themed shirts
i love finding new recipes and sara posted about some fun recipes involving candy corn. i thought i would try this one since i had everything on hand. i am not a huge fan of candy corn on its own but in a mix with peanuts and m&m's or in this candy corn bark it is perfection!

to make the candy corn bark crush up 14 oreos
a cup and a half of pretzels
add 3/4 cup of candy corn
melt a pound of almond bark and spread over the top. add 1/4 c candy corn to the top and set to harden in the refrigerator
then break apart into smaller pieces and enjoy!
i didn't have holiday oreos with the orange cream but they would be pretty and add some color. i also didn't have any brown or orange sprinkles but they would be so fun or you could use candy melts instead of almond bark and buy them in a color for fun. this was a super easy, quick snack to throw together.


Stephanie said...

Yummy! What time do you want me to come over and test those for you?

Denise said...

cute fall shirts. i finished the girls last week. need to post them.

was the halloween bark yummy? i was thinking of making it too.

Simply Sara said...

mmmmm.... i still haven't made my candy corn recipe yet, but the bark is my top choice. now i really want some!
i just need to get my butt to the store to buy some oreos. i just can't keep boxes of cookies in the house because i end up eating the whole thing! :-)

looks like you guys are really enjoying fall! love all your pictures. you're such a fun mama :)