Hot Air Balloon Festival

When I first set eyes on Boise, it was a beautiful June morning five years ago. Lance, the kids and I had arrived late the night before and had stumbled into our hotel room. We awoke that morning to bright blue skies filled with hot air balloons. It was amazing. We stood outside for a long time just watching the balloons float in the sky. On a morning filled with anxiety {we were going to meet a realtor to look at houses}, the sight of those balloons gave us a sense of calm and peace.

There used to be a hot air balloon festival in Boise but since we have lived here the organizers had stopped running the festival.

This year over Labor Day weekend some members of the community who had missed having the hot air balloon festival decided to start a new tradition. We made it down on the Saturday afternoon/evening of the festival. There was a great turnout of people sitting on blankets and chairs looking at the balloons and enjoying time with their families. At dusk they lit the balloons... the sight was spectacular.

We can't wait to go again next year!


Lynn said...


Lisa said...

That looks like so much fun and like it is just beautiful! What a great tradition!

Simply Sara said...

so fun! i remember being so excited when we'd spot a hot air balloon in the sky while riding the school bus when i was little.

my kids would go crazy over that mickey one :)

Denise said...

lovely. i want to take a hot air balloon ride for my 40th birthday.