One of Landon's chores in the morning is to feed our dogs. After being in their kennel overnight the dogs are really excited to get outside and have their food. Our dog Harley will jump on Landon to get his attention. This really frustrates Landon. The other day Landon came up with a plan for feeding the dogs, he puts on his football helmet, baseball gloves, and mouthguard. His dog feeding armor!
We have been in survival mode since we started school at the beginning of August. Putting on our own armor to make it through each day/week. We have survived our first two months of school and we are now on our fall break.

There have been a few changes with school and our schedule which had thrown us into survival mode. At the end of last year I was feeling a little overwhelmed with some of our curriculum and decided to research and make changes over the summer. Although the changes have been really good, it is taking time to learn the curriculum. We also joined a co cop which meets once a week {more on that later} which the kids are loving. It is a change and is one less day we are doing school at home so I have had to adjust my planning to accomodate our schedule change.

The biggest change has been with Morgan's gymnastics schedule which has changed at least two times since we started school. We have had to be flexible and adjust our schedule to accomodate her practice schedule. I think they have FINALLY finalized the schedule for the fall so I think once our break is over we can settle into our routine for the rest of the year.

I am hoping and praying that we are able to get into a good routine now that schedules that are out of our control are now in order. I am a fairly, okay really scheduled person so the not knowing and changes in schedule have been hard on me.

My to do list over our two week break is LONG. I have so much catching up to do around the house and on this blog. Since this is supposed to be a type of journal I am planning on catching up on some posts and now that I have a schedule I am hoping to find more time to be able to post. It will help to be somewhat caught up and not feel so overwhelmed with how far behind I am in posting.

Okay, I have rambled enough. We are alive and well.... ready for two weeks of resting, relaxing, and catching up. If anyone is still out there, be on the lookout for numerous posts in the next few weeks.

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