Shakespeare Festival

I love to read and it is something that helps me to relax and unwind. Over the course of the summer I got back into a reading groove and have read quite a few books. One of the books I read was Donald Miller's A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. It was a book that has changed me and challenged me.

In the book, Donald Miller talks about making memorable scenes. I am not intentional about living a good story or making memorable scenes. I get too caught up in the little stuff like laundry, errands, clean floors, paying bills, and balancing a budget. These are all necessary, important things but they shouldn't take priority over living life.

Shortly after reading this book, our neighbors asked us if we wanted to head out to The Shakespeare Festival in Boise. It was a last minute request and my immediate reaction was no. We had not planned for it, we needed to find a sitter, and there was a list of projects to complete around the house. My list of excuses was a mile long.

The theme of the book resonated with me and after some prodding/begging/encouraging/ convincing from our neighbors we decided to tag along.

This was the first time Lance and I had been to The Shakespeare Festival. The play takes place in an outdoor amphitheater. Most people arrive an hour or so before show time to picnic at your seats. The night we attended was beautiful summer evening. We enjoyed great food, great company, and a strange and interesting play. The experience was worth it and I know we will go again next year. Thanks Bergs for encouraging us to attend!

Are you a planner/organizer or are you more go with the flow/impulsive?


Jeni said...

How fun! I remember going to the Shakespeare Festival with my class in high school. Way to be spontaneous! I am almost always up for anything last minute, but I have to work to stay organized and plan ahead. I really do admire how organized and what a great planner you are! Maybe some of it will rub off on me ;)

Pat & Valerie Berg said...

Wow, you are blogging again! YEAH! And yeah to your Fall Break! And really - that picture of me, well, ugh, but then again, when do I ever like a picture of me - but at least I'm with you. Have I seen you much since Shakespeare night?

Simply Sara said...

good for you for going with the flow! so proud of you ;)

i love to plan and organize but also love last minute plans.
i still need to read that book. thanks for reminding me about it. these days i have a hard time remembering my own name :)

i've missed ya. hope you're having a wonderful fall break! (and finding some time to relax, along with crossing many things off your list!)

Denise said...

"living a life without a story is like reading a book about nothing."

i try to live a life with a story, but many times i make that life wait until after everything is in order.
unless couchsurfers and kristen are involved!!