Mauryn's Twins

Back in late summer or early fall, when an American Girl catalog came in the mail, the bitty twins {or "tins" as she calls them} caught Mauryn's eye. She talked about the twins daily for months. She wanted a boy and a girl with blonde hair.

Mauryn loves to play with babies. She pretty much has one in tow every day. They are bundled, fed, changed, and loved on.

For Christmas my parents gave Mauryn the twins. She was just a little bit excited!

She had names picked out for the twins before she even received them, Addie and Eli.
While Mauryn was hoping and dreaming about the twins her biggest concern was where her twins would sleep. She only had one baby crib and the "tins" would need a bed. I set out on a quest to find a bed for her babies. I found this wonderful bed with trundle on etsy {oh etsy you never fail to deliver!}

I ordered the bed and a set of darling girl bedding.
then i attempted to make the boy bedding myself. attempted is the key word here. the sheets and pillowcase were fairly easy

the quilt, oh how the quilt caused me so many issues. i finally just accepted it and realized my three year old didn't care she just wanted a blanket for her baby.
but one blanket wasn't enough... i have put together a few more blankets so the babies always have a blanket in order to be wrapped up
the twins sleeping in their beds {addie is just covered with some random fabric mauryn took from my desk, hence the need to construct some cute blankets}
i was never much into dolls and either was morgan but little miss mauryn loves her babies. it is so fun to see her mothering her little ones.


Pat & Valerie Berg said...

I'm suppose to be working during this BSU Game but I had a notice that you had blog updates! WOWSERS girl! You have been busy with so many projects/crafts/schooling/etc. Now I know what you've been doing as I never see you.

Denise said...

your "grandson" look identical to my "grandson" logan elliott (with 1 1/2 "l's" and 1 1/2 "t's").

you are much cooler than me. don't tell my girls that their a.g. beds need sheets!