The Fair

Growing up one of the highlights of my summer was our county fair. We had exhibits at the fair and spent pretty much every waking moment at the fair during the long weekend.

Even before we had kids, Lance and I would attend the local county fairs. He would check in with clients and I would enjoy fair food and the atmosphere. I don't know what it is about fairs but I love them. My husband on the other hand only tolerates them.

Since moving to Idaho, we have attended the Western Idaho State Fair each summer. It does not have the same feel as the fairs back home {they don't have fried cheese curds which is by far the best fair food EVER} but I still enjoy the nostalgia of the fair.

My kids enjoy the fair and look forward to going each summer. One of the highlights for them is seeing the animals. They enjoy the petting zoo area and marvel at watching the chickens hatch.
I like to walk through the exhibitors building. It is fun to see all the different things for sale and the new gadgets out. There was one booth that captured our attention. It was a man selling insurance and he was doing a demonstration of the dangers of not wearing a seatbelt. Each of the kids got an egg and they were to draw a face on the egg. He then put the eggs in a toy car without seatbelts. He pulled the car back and let it go where it hit a box. He then showed the kids what the eggs looked like after they crashed. The impact would have been similar to a car going 20 mph. It was definitely enlightening {yes, we ALWAYS wear our seatbelts but a great reminder of why we must wear them}
The fair wouldn't be the fair without going on rides. One of their favorites was The Fly. I had a hard time watching it go around and around and around but the kids loved it. I was really hoping my boy who has a tendency to get car sick would survive it and he did!

As our time at the fair was winding down we had enough tickets for Landon to do one more ride with Mauryn. Landon is super excited for this ride
because there was a picture of Michael Jackson

Mauryn was less than excited about going on a ride. She had been talking about going on the rides but once we got in line did not want to go on it. I have learned that she needs a little push to try new things so

i put her on the ride, tears and all, with her brother

landon is laughing because mauryn was smiling until she got close to use then she would put her head down

see, she still won't look at us but she is definitely smiling

by the end laughter and even getting brave and putting her hands up in the air. sometimes it just takes a little push.


Lynn said...

Oh my, Mauyrn and Adeline must be cross country soul mates! My girlie frequently needs a push and then LOVES whatever we are trying to get her to do. Glad she loved it!

Simply Sara said...

so fun!
you guys need to come to calgary at stampede time. you would go crazy.
best fair around. especially the food. mmmm.... deep fried EVERYTHING!!!

july 8-17 2011.
just sayin'

Krista said...

Oh my goodness! I love the picture where Mauryn has her fingers in her mouth! It's just so sweet! Olivia still does that, too; I know I need to get her to stop now, but it still melts my heart. It's her own little sign for "I couldn't be more exhausted!" I think it's my own way of holding on to "free" because I'm not ready for "fo".