Giving Thanks

Our Thanksgiving Day was wonderfully quiet and relaxing.  
 We spent the morning rolling {and sneaking a few pieces} of lefse.   Our neighbors have a college student, Liz, staying with them for part of this semester.  Liz loves lefse as much as we do and wanted to come and help roll it out.  Since rolling is my least favorite job I was glad to pass on the rolling pin.  We rolled about 50 rounds it was all gone after breakfast Friday morning. 
 I just love this picture of Mauryn... the look on her face is priceless.
 After rolling the lefse, we headed next door for Thanksgiving dinner.  We had a table full of food, a warm house, and great company.  We are so blessed and have many reasons to be thankful.
  I am not a fan of pumpkin pie... eww!I love all things pumpkin flavored - bars, bread, cookies, and muffins.  When I saw this recipe for a pumpkin cream pie I knew I had to try it.  It was so yummy but with that much cream and half and half how could it not be good.

How was your Thanksgiving?  Did you try some new food this year??


Simply Sara said...

mmmm. that pie does look crazy yummy. i'm not a big fan of the texture of pumpkin pie either. i think i could eat your pie :)

glad you had such a wonderful thanksgiving!

Todd Lusk said...

We went pretty traditional except that we only did a turkey breast rather than an entire bird. With only four of us, we didn't need that much turkey!

I also made a pumpkin cheesecake of Paula Deen's that turned out pretty yummy.

Denise said...

ours was good though we didn't eat till late o' clock and we were all starving.

i missed my peppercheney though when i was with the snowcheney's.

Jean said...

Kristen, I just realized today that you had a blog! How great it is to see your family making lefse. Awesome to see traditions like that being carried on!

Looks like you had a marvelous Thanksgiving!