You may be mad at me someday for posting this picture of you, but I want to remember your fresh from bed face and your mismatched pajamas. Memories have a way of fleeting. All the things I thought I would remember over 11 years I don't or it takes me a while and some prompting to recall the little details. It makes me wish I would have written more down instead of relying on my memory.

These last eleven years have flown by so quickly. I can picture you as a little girl and now you are growing into a little lady. It is both an exciting time and a sad time. It makes me sad that some of your innocence is fleeting. You are learning about some of the hard things involving friendships and the world around you. You are learning that life is not fair. You are changing, your body is changing and there are days when your emotions are a mess. It is a challenging and confusing time for you. I know you will make it through but the journey will not always be fun.

I love that as you grow up we can have real discussions about things. I love that you are a good friend. You are kind, you care about others, and you are loyal. You feel bad when other peoples feelings are hurt. You want to always do the right thing and try to do the right thing in every situation. You are starting to really enjoy activities like shopping and doing your nails. You are so anxious to go and have a pedicure. You do a pretty good job of managing your time with your busy schedule. It has been a bit of a challenge learning to balance everything but your ability to manage your time and stay organized will benefit you in the future.

You are a good role model for your brother and sister. They look up to you and love to spend time with you.

Happy 11th Birthday Morgan! I love you and am proud to be your mama. You challenge me, you encourage me, and you are one of my biggest cheerleaders. I am excited to see what the next year has in store for you.


Jeni said...

Happy birthday to Morgan...the best babysitter EVER! :)

Jenni S. said...

Happy (belated) birthday to Morgan -- hope you all had a great birthday week last week!