Teenagers intimidated me.  

Really, they did. I felt old and out of touch.  What did a homeschooling mom of three know about their lives?

So two years ago when Lance asked me if I would help him teach Generation Change {the teen version of Financial Peace University} on Sunday nights I said NO!  This would be way out of my comfort zone and I was definitely more comfortable in the nursery area then the teen center.

Lance was persistent in asking me to help him teach the class and host the group in our home instead of at that church.  I agreed I would be there and make snacks but this was not my area of ministry.  I would support him but I didn't want to talk or lead.  The teen gathered at our house on Sunday nights for about 8 weeks that spring. The course went really well and I grew more comfortable around the teenagers. I didn't feel as old and out of touch.

When our Sunday nights ended, I was surprised at how much I missed having the teens in our house.  So when fall came and our youth pastor asked us if we would host a small group at our house we immediately said yes.

My kids love, adore, and look up to the teens.  The teens love and adore our kids right back. 

When we finish our bible study, we spend time eating {there always needs to be food when there are teenagers around :o)},  playing games such as 4 square in the driveway,

or playing just dance on the wii {ignore the cackling laugh and attempt at singing},

and we spend time talking and building relationships.

When the end of summer came we said good bye to a few of our teens who were heading off to college out of town/state.  We had a small group of kids going to school or working in town so we are able to continue our group on Sunday nights.  I feel blessed that we get to continue our time and relationships with these amazing young people.  We eat dinner together each Sunday night and this year we are studying the book the Jesus Creed .   It is an incredible book and we are all learning and growing so much.

I am thankful that Lance gave me a nudge to get out of my comfort zone and work with the teens.  I have learned that we are really not all that different. Even though I am old enough to be most of their mothers {gasp!}, we all have hurts, struggles, insecurities, praises and we can learn, support, and encourage each other.  I know I  have been blessed and challenged by my relationships with them.  


Denise said...

great post. what a blessing others are in our lives!

will watch the video later (currently in town), i'm wondering if you are the cackler??

Simply Sara said...

i have such a soft spot in my heart for teenagers. i miss the small group i use to lead at our old church.

what a blessing you are kristen. opening your home and heart.

love you friend!