Halloween 2012

i know its almost two weeks since halloween but
i've been recovering from a horrible cold/cough
and we've been in the midst of birthday planning/celebrating

i am finally getting a few minutes to sit down, edit pictures, and try to get caught up.

halloween was warm
really warm
in the 60's for trick or treating warm
so nice

we had a different halloween this year
our church hosts a harvest part the wednesday before halloween
since halloween fell on a wednesday the harvest party was on halloween night

morgan and i worked the harvest party
lance took landon and mauryn trick or treating in the neighborhood and then brought them to church for the harvest party
it was the perfect mix of trick or treating and getting to spend time with their friends

this year mauryn decided she wanted to be dorothy from wizard of oz
 as i was taking some pictures she said "mom get one of me skipping"
here she is off on the yellow brick road 

 landon wanted to be one of the avengers
he finally settled on captain america

showing off his throwing skills

 since morgan was helping at the harvest party she decided she should dress up
she wore the twister costume i wore last year
she makes a pretty cute twister board

 crazy kids before they're off trick or treating

 our friends hold an annual halloween party
it has evolved over the years.... it started as just adults, then families, and even families but no costumes for adults, and this year back to adults only in costumes

lance and i dressed up as little red riding hood and the big bad wolf
 morgan was taking pictures of us before we left for the party
lance was going to scare me for the picture
i slipped and started to fall
morgan caught it on camera
that big bad wolf is pretty scary!!!


Denise said...

great costumes.

the pic of you and lance is too funny.

Susan said...

So cute