Insta Joys

phew!  we made it through another week
its been a busy one
i am happy to put this week in the books

i found a few instas from a couple of weeks ago that didn't upload so i am adding those in this week
my instas for this week for slim pickings
my list for mommy's boot camp
my house was in dire need of some TLC
after a fun filled summer we had all gotten a little lazy with chores/routines
it was time to regroup and retrain
 scrubbing, organizing, getting rid of clutter
it was two busy days of non stop cleaning/organizing
it felt so good to get it done
the kids have been so much better about keeping up on their chores
i am pretty sure they don't want another boot camp weekend

for each home boise state game they assign colors for your section
its really a great marketing tool as you need to have the right color for your section
you do NOT want to be the person wearing the wrong color
we had to make a quick pit stop to pick up orange shirts 
this weekend....we're blue
good thing we're all stocked up on blue shirts

this boy loves music
letting him listen to his music while he does him math has been a game changer
school goes more smoothly
he is so much happier

 fall mantle
i love you
its finally cool enough at night to run the fireplace in the mornings
the fire + mantle makes the living room my favorite place in the fall
 itty bitty gummy bears
you are my very favorite 

he likes to sleep snuggled up with a pillow

i saw this little table at world market
i am in love with it
i have the perfect place for it in my house
this may be an early christmas present to myself
i don't know if it will still be around to go on my list!

i spend thursday afternoons watching my girls at gymnastics
its the only day i get to watch morgan practice this year because of how our carpool worked out
i am enjoying the birds eye view we have now in the new gym
kind of fun {and a little scary} watching the girls from above

i washed our bedding the other morning
i had time to get it washed and dried but then was gone for the rest of the day
i totally forgot that our bed was unmade until i went to crawl into bed at 9:00
i was seriously tempted to just throw a blanket on the bed and go to sleep 
i knew i'd regret it
so i quickly made the bed then curled up in the freshly washed bedding
nothing like going to bed on newly washed sheets

how was your week?
what's on your agenda for the weekend??

landon has his last football game tomorrow. its going to be bittersweet to see their season end.
we are heading to the bsu game tomorrow.  we get our friends tickets as well so lance, the two big kids, and i are heading to the game. its supposed to be gorgeous tomorrow. i am so excited!
our sunday is full of lots of little things. hopefully a nap. 

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Yvonne said...

I had to visit you from Life Rearranged because my parents live in Idaho! I love your list of household tasks. We had a very busy summer around here too, I should do up a list like the one you did. Great idea!

Tulip TrueAim said...

I love your fall mantle! I am so happy I found you. I am also an Idaho Mom Blogger. I blog at http://www.trueaimeducation.com I started a new group on facebook and would love for you to join me https://www.facebook.com/groups/372803256136664/