Seattle Trip

almost two years ago, our dear friends the pucketts moved to seattle
we miss them like crazy

 last fall, two friends and i had the idea to try to take surprise trip to visit our friend janna
it was sort of a fleeting conversation "oh wouldn't it be fun" to go see janna

but within a week of talking about a surprise trip, southwest ran a sweet deal on flights.
we knew we had a short window of opportunity to jump on these airline tickets.  there were many phone calls exchanged and schedules checked.  we were able to pick a few days in february.

then came the hard part.
keeping this trip a secret for 4 months!!!

the day of our trip finally arrived!
kaylynn, kara, and i on our first flight
so excited
hoping and praying we can pull off the surprise

we landed in seattle and janna's husband todd picked us up
he assured us that janna had NO clue we were coming to visit

we pulled up a few houses away and snuck up to their front door
we knocked
no answer
we rang the door bell
no answer
we knocked again and kaylynn tried the door handle
then we heard footsteps
as janna came down the stairs i heard her exclaim
"are you kidding me?"
i was shaking a bit so the picture is blurry but i think our surprise worked
we were all thankful that the secret was out in the open :O)

it was so so fun to surprise her!

we had no set plans for our day and a half in seattle
we just knew we wanted to be with janna
the first afternoon/evening we decided to shop at a nearby outdoor mall
it was a beautiful night to be walking around
this guy was NOT happy we weren't taking him with us
seriously that face and those cheeks
oh how i miss that boy!

the four of us 

at the outdoor mall they had trees that were strung with lanterns
i was in love with them
i would love one of these in my yard
so fun!

friday morning we had a little FaceTime date before we headed out for the day
the kids had fun reconnecting with their buddies

friday we hit up places we don't have in idaho... trader joes and ikea
so fun
we enjoyed lunch out and then hit up another mall
it was pretty much a weekend filled with shopping and chatting

this was the back of janna's car after our shopping on friday
i would say it was a successful day of shopping

the girls and our loot
we had to borrow a suitcase from the puckett's to get all our stuff home. oops!
thankfully southwest let's you check two bags
we definitely needed that other bag

it was a whirlwind trip {less than two days}
there was laughter, great conversation, and time spent making memories
i was exhausted when i came home from the late nights and earlyish mornings but my heart was full from time spent with some amazing friends
friends who encourage, challenge, and inspire me

it was great seattle!  i can't wait to come back again!

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