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 fall activities are in full swing

i think we are finally starting to hit our stride with fall routine

i am back to rising long before the sun to workout and get a few things done before kids get up and we start our school day.  its also my time to get caught up on my shows while i work out.
i lovey love love my quiet mornings.

now that i am up earlier and in our routine, my goal is to sit down and write a few days a week.  we'll see how that goes. i did get time to upload and edit photos, put them in collages, and start a few posts.  on my list for the weekend... get the posts written.

here's a little glimpse of life the past few weeks:

 our local rec center does a family friendly fun run in the fall
the kids run/walk a mile
during landon's pe class, i had mauryn do a mile on the track 
it was p a i n f u l!
she spent most of the time leaning on the wall of the track
she was a pretty good sport but SOO slow

 our orthodontist office has a monthly raffle for kids
this month they had to guess how many m & m's in the jar
landon guessed the closest
he was super excited
so was his m & m loving little sister
this jar has been in hiding ever since he won

 our school room starts clean every morning
its takes mauryn about 5 seconds to create the biggest mess
{i try not to hyperventilate}
this day she had created a store

mauryn, landon, and their buddy T after the fun run
the boys ran the mile and did awesome
they had to quickly scoot to get to their football game
mauryn strolled along 
she was just excited for the great goodie bag 

 she was also pretty pumped for the ice cream and chocolate milk after the run

first home game of the season
it was a beautiful day
the view isn't too shabby
the crowd is always lively
so fun!
 we share tickets with our friends/idahofamily 
landon was happy to be reunited with his pal amiah

 i liked having a date with this cute boy
he was a trooper
he had had a very full day
mile run
played in his football game
went to BSU game {and walked forever to and from stadium}
so it was only right that we treated ourselves to sonic on the way home

 back in the fall routine means running inside on the track
its not my favorite
running in the dark is really not my favorite
the dreadmill is not an option. yuck!
the track and i have a date a few mornings a week
i sweat
like a man
its gross
i am sort of like the sweat
sweat = great workout

 landon takes a pe class at our rec center once a week
they have just installed a bouldering wall
he loves it
every week he spends about 10 minutes working on his climbing skills before we go home
hello did you notice his defined calf muscles?
he's 8
its ridiculous!

 she has a dance party every night
sometimes its a dance and singing show
she likes to perform
this table is her favorite
its in front of the fireplace so she can watch herself
she has been asking for a ballet bar and a mirror 
birthday gift maybe??

there are days that are just busy
we're running errands or driving carpool or just living life
i am always on the lookout for something i can grab quick for a snack or even breakfast/lunch if we're running crazy
my friend tara introduced me to these protein shakes
i wasn't sure
i am pretty picky about food in general
i didn't want anything that tasted chalky or like cardboard or like a protein drink
she brought me a shake to try
it was good
really good
i love them ice cold and sipped through a straw or
i use them in my smoothies 
the vanilla flavor is just perfect

what's on your agenda this weekend??

i've got book club today... yeah
landon's got a football game
between the two little kids we've got three birthday parties
its the BSU game tomorrow
maybe sneaking out to a movie...i am really wanting some movie theater popcorn
a nap hopefully on sunday
my recharge day

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Denise said...

"she lives, she lives" (sung to the tune of the hymn, "he lives." a nazarene goodie).

i think your hair is longer than mine. weird.

my days usually start of clean, too...then josie wakes up.

miss your face around these parts.