Mug Swap 2012

my fellow book lover, tea drinker and texting buddy, kim hosted a fun little mug swap for her blog anniversary

kim is amazing
she organized 240 people swapping mugs across the country
seriously, that takes some skills!

instagram made this years mug swap so fun
i loved seeing the mugs people were sending 
{and the fun mugs people were receiving}
it definitely added to the suspense since you didn't know who would be sending your mug

i was checking my mailbox daily for my mug swap surprise
it was like it was christmas and i was waiting for the christmas cards to start coming :o)

my mug arrived from canada from amber
she included a chocolate chai tea and a tea bag spoon
you know what i don't like about drinking tea
digging out my tea bag!
amber solved that problem for me... yeah!
i am excited to try out the chai

this mug is HUGE
perfect for a large cup of tea
or pizzokie
or hot fudge sundae
you see the options with my big ol' mug are endless.

thanks amber!
thanks cuppa for organizing and hosting!!!

i shipped a package to carina
it was so fun getting to "know" her through her blog
i sent her this anthro mug 
{i sort of wish i would have bought 2 so i could have one :o)}
a starbucks gift card
a knitty bitties mug rug 

this was so fun!
i can't wait to do some mug swapping again next year.


{cuppakim} said...

sooooo soooo fun. :) love having the mug swap alumni back for round two.

and i totally agree.
instagram made this WAY fun. :)

even after i assigned people their stuff i forgot who had who so its kinda like a whole surprise all over again watching people reveal!

JuRita said...

kristen, i have not forgotten about you! i did the mug swap too :) it was fun.
I hope to write you soon. hope all is well and school is back in full swing!!